Death of TY ignites actions to fight coronavirus disease

The death of TY, Nigerian, British Musician who died recently of Coronavirus complications in London, has left Boki, in Cross Rivers State, home of his mother, in deep shock and devastation, even as the sad news is igniting actions to fight the disease spread.

The sad news of his untimely death that went viral on social media hit his maternal people of Cross River State like a pebble dropped into water, creating devastating ripple effects breaking hearts, crippling all activities and rendering everyone emotionally drained.

Ty’s Aunt, Mrs. Celina Adeoye,  who is, sadly on lockdown in London, where she had been on a visit to her children, posted videos and photographs of his successes and the sad  occassion of his demise.

Born Ben Chijioke in London, 1972 to an Igbo father, TY’s mother, Elizabeth Awa-Uno, is from Irruan, Boki local Government of Cross River State, Nigeria.

This ignited actions of the women who read her posts on their Whatsapp page. As such, amidst mourning, the women, under the umbrella of Banyinyi Boki Eji-Emumu, a body of Boki women concern about enhancing livelihoods and total integration of Boki women into development process and cooperation, seized the opportunity to call on the people in the heart of the communities to be  more proactive and consistent in taking measures that can curb the spread of Coronavirus.

Commenting, the President, Mrs. Florence Odok who described the sad event as a monumental loss to the world, said that it is time for those who never took the disease attack seriously, to brace up to the challenge and unite  efforts with Banyinyi Boki to fight against the spread of the global crisis.

“Before receiving this sad news, we had heard of thousands of deaths occuring across the globe, occassioned by Covid19 related complications, as such, we took proactive steps by sending our Clans Public Relations Officers to their respective localities to sensitize the locals on the necessary measures that they must always take to curb the spread, She disclosed.

The President  noted that, with this most heartbreaking news, the women would intensify efforts in the sensitization, awareness creation and also educate the natives on the need to indulge in behavioral change communications that promote good hygiene practices.

“We would constantly promote information sharing among the community people, through the Organization’s PRO, because it has become most urgent for information to be taken to the doorsteps of our information-poor people, frequently, as the fight against Coronavirus progresses.

She therefore, called on all people of Boki to join in the global fight because the crisis is affecting everyone, the economy and social life.

“We are deeply saddened about this pandemic which started in December and it is still here, with us, with no cure at sight”, she lamented.

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